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US Marine & Industrial Pump Repair UK - Services

In addition to pump repairs and spares, we also provide the following services:

COMPRESSORS - Spares and repairs
MECHANICAL SEALS - Supply, repair, re-lapping
FANS - For inert gas and air systems - manufacture and repair
CONDENSERS - Tube nests - water boxes - end covers - manufacture and repair
GEAR BOX - Supply of new and reconditioned units, overhaul and repair


The following gives an idea of pump and compressor spares we can provide, it is not exhaustive, if the spares you are looking for are not on the list please try us anyway.

pump types AB Pumpen
pump types ABS
pump types Allweiler
pump types Azcue
pump types Bombas
pump types Borneman
pump types Carduck
pump types Cornell
pump types Croatia
pump types Ebara
pump types Eureka
pump types Garbarino
pump types Gilkes
pump types Girdlestone
pump types Godwin
pump types Gorman Rupp
pump types Gothia
pump types Guinard
pump types Hamworthy
pump types Heinrich
pump types Heishin
pump types Hick Hargreaves
pump types Holden and Brooke
pump types Houitin
pump types Iron
pump types Ishikawa
pump types Karhula
pump types Kolmeks
pump types Kosaka
pump types KSB
pump types Kvaerner
pump types Lowara
pump types Mackley
pump types Mather and Platt
pump types Megator
pump types Mono
pump types Naniwa
pump types Nash
pump types Nienstadt
pump types Nijhuis
pump types Nirex
pump types Pegson
pump types Plueger
pump types Pullan
pump types Ritzbloc
pump types Saskura
pump types Shinko
pump types Sihi
pump types Speck
pump types Stothert and Pitt
pump types Sulzer
pump types Svanehoj
pump types Taiko Kikai
pump types Teikoku
pump types United Pumps
pump types Victor Pyrate
pump types Warman
pump types Wartsilla
pump types Weir
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Worldwide On-Site Services

Do you need more staff on occasions? U.S. Marine can help by providing teams of skilled engineers to assist in dry dockings, factory shutdowns, emergency maintenance or any occasion where deadlines or breakdowns call for a temporary increase in personnel.

Many major companies have benefited from our specialist help on pump repairs, compressor overhauls, coating applications and rotating equipment repairs, saving them time and money, as well as freeing up valuable resources.

Our on site team have experience of working in a wide variety of industries both at home and abroad, they enjoy full technical and manufacturing support from here at our base in Pudsey.

All of which combines to offer you an unrivalled service, guaranteed to save you time, money and get you back in business quickly and with minimum disruption.

Protective Coatings

Advances in modern coating systems mean they are now an efficient, cost effective and reliable method of responding to most corrosion, erosion and abrasion problems.Our specialist coating division can advise the correct grade and application method to suit your needs. 

The latest generation of coatings can provide performance enhancing characteristics that can save energy by improving the performance of your equipment.
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New and Reconditioned Pumps and Pump sets

Fan repair and Manufacture, General and heavy machining, We can offer new pumps from most of the main manufacturers in the industry and hold a large stock of reconditioned centrifugal and positive displacement pumps. Complete systems such as Diesel Driven emergency fire units can be designed and manufactured to order.